My First Writing Update

I know it’s weird to have an update in the middle of the month, but I figure you all need to know where I’m at in my writing life so future updates make sense. So here you have it. 

~What's happening in WIP-land~

I'm in the midst of edits for The Dawn of a Hero. This is my current WIP. I made a goal mid-May that I was going to edit eight chapters by the end of June. This was before I decided to start blogging. So now I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not, but we shall see. I'm pretty close, thanks to a lovely retreat in the mountains. But I still have *goes to see how many chapters are done* 5 1/2 chapters left. AND just over one week left in the month. After that, I'm going to set edits aside for Camp NaNo (see more about this below).

~What's happening in non-WIP-land~

I'm gearing up for Camp NaNo, where I plan to get some serious work done on my rewrite of The Fall of Chemmit. I have no idea if my targeted word count is a good idea seeing as July is possibly my worst month for writing. I just stuck with the default 50k that they have when you create a project. Though I might shake things up and try for time instead of word counts this month. That's actually a good idea.... probably will do that. Less stress for me! 

~What's on the back burner~

I have a few things I'm tossing around for future projects. I'm fleshing out my NaNo idea. EEP!! This is one I'm really excited about. But it's a secret project, so don't expect much info leaking out about it. I'm also thinking over a few ideas for a novella/short story thingy based in Reylance, the world most of my books take place in. I may or may not do something along these lines, depending on how much time/energy/drive I have. If I wanted it to be something that would come out before my novels for a little hype or whatever, I want something that wouldn't give too many spoilers away. Which is a problem, because so many things are intertwined. But some spoilers might not be too bad. We'll see. Anyway, those are the things on the back burner for when I have the time to work on them. 

~What happening in non-fiction-writing-land~

Blogging, obviously. I'll probably pre-write most of my posts for July, so I don't have to stress about getting those done. And I have several things to write for The Order of the Pen. Meetings, Facebook posts, and all that good stuff. Probably one of my favorite parts of my job.

So anyway, that's my update. Stuff is happening. I'm pretty excited about the progress. I've got a long way to go, but it's finally coming along. 


  1. Wow, you have so many projects organised!

    (Wait, that sounds like I'm saying you have too many projects?? What I was trying to say is that you seem very organised.)

    Jem Jones

    1. Lol, no worries! I knew exactly what you meant! And thank you, I do try to stay organized.

    2. Sarah's like the most organized person I've ever met...


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