Camp NaNo Update- Week Two (With Cat GIFs!)

My cat, Dustfinger's, gotcha day is on Sunday. To honor this beautiful first year with him, I decided to do my Camp NaNoWriMo update with cat GIFs. Should be interesting.

~Week two update~

11/44 hours
I spent this week reading my previous draft of The Dawn of a Hero. I needed an idea of what work awaited me in the coming chapters. So I read through the draft, made lots of notes, then re-outlined my book. Some scenes were cut, some were added, and some were split or lengthened. Hopefully, this will create a solid foundation for the rest my edits.
Me trying to edit without a plan in place

~Goals for next week~

I'd like to edit 3 hours a day Monday-Friday. That'll put me at 15 hours total for the week. It'll be a lot of work, but I have several scenes which need to be written and I need to catch up on my goal. Saturday will be completely out of the question. There's too much going on.
This will probably be me when I'm done.
Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me.

~Cabin update~

Still absolutely awesome. Very quiet this week. Probably 'cause we're either busy, sick, or both.

This was my family the entire week.
It feels like we're drowning in tissues. Gross.
So how are y'all holding up? Is the second week of Camp killing you yet? Or are you hanging in there?



    Busy and sick, yep! Plus now I'm watching your hypnotic cat gifs instead of being productive, so thanks a lot, Sarah?? xD (not that I regret it or anything...)

  2. DUSTFINGER!! *hugs kitty*

    Lol, I saw that last gif, and thought that was an example of our Camp're over there just doing your thing, and I'm the background like... *random leaps* TA-DA!!! *craziness ensues*

    1. LOL, no. One person sneezes at my place, another person jumps because it scares the living daylights out of them. But it could be used as an analogy, I suppose.


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