July Writing Update

Welcome to August, y'all! How time flies! Anyway, July was a great month! I won camp. I made writerly connections, which I love. I'm gearing up for a crazy August. So yeah, life is good!

~What's happening in WIP-land~

I worked on The Dawn of a Hero for 30 hours during camp! I had to adjust my goal (again) because life happened. But I am so proud of the work I was able to do. While I didn't get far in the actual chapter edits, I did a lot of behind the scenes work that will help me in the future. I did a full read-through of the last draft, during which I wrote ten pages of notes. From those notes, I added several scenes and took several others out. I pinpointed my antagonist's motivation (I didn't have one. At. All. Way to go, younger self). I also worked on my MC's character arc, trying to figure out what's missing, if anything. I'm going to take a break from edits in August (except for first drafting a few of the new scenes), then I'll get back to them in September, Lord willing!

So all in all, a very productive month in WIP-land. I'm pleased.

~What's happening in non-WIP-land~

I'm going to spend August working on fleshing out/outlining my NaNo novel. I'm traveling a lot this month, so I need some flexibility in my schedule. Hopefully, outlining is the answer. 

Also, my writing group and I are going to do a round robin story thingy. Should be interesting. I have no idea how it'll go, but I know it'll be fun. 

~What's on the back burner~

Not much. Kind of sad, I guess. I am still throwing a novella idea around. We'll see if anything comes of it. 

~What's happening in non-fiction-land~

Blogging. Traveling. The Order of the Pen Facebooking. I need to do better at that. I mean, it just entails writing short paragraphs here and there. Not that hard.

Quick note: my posting schedule will be spotty at best during August. So please bear with me as I try to keep in the loop. I will try to respond to your comments when possible. I promise I'm not ignoring y'all!

What about y'all? How did your month go? Did you participate in Camp? Did you have fun?


  1. Sounds like you had a great month, writing wise anyway!

    I did participate in Camp this year for the first time! I did win, but like you I had to readjust my goal. My draft is an absolute mess, so in middle of August I'm going to start re-drafting it.


    1. I did have a good month! It was a long month, but super fun!

      Aren't messy drafts just the best?

  2. The Dawn of a Hero is a cool title! And novellas are so much fun to write, way less pressure!!!

    1. Thank you! The title changed three times. I finally settled on one that actually covers what the story is about. #writerproblems

      That's what I figure. And this story is one that might be fun to throw out there before I get my trilogy published, since it would be a background kind of story. But I'm still thinking about it.

  3. August already?? *runs around in a screaming, hyper panic* At least we can spend this month chatting about character motivations, arcs, and worldbuilding. That'll be fun!

    1. Most of it will be face to face too, which is super awesome!!! Can't wait.

  4. Sounds like you had a productive writing month. Congrats on your win. I didn't participate in NaNo. Its not my thing, but I'm glad you had fun. Hopefully August is just as fun. Also, your book title is awesome.


    1. I totally get that! NaNo definitely isn't for everyone and wasn't for me for the longest time.

      I hope so too! And thank you!


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