The Character Karaoke Tag

Gray over at Writing is Life left this tag open, so I considered myself tagged. I got so excited when I saw this tag first circulate, because, you know, music. Anyway, onto the tag!

~It's your OTP's wedding day, what song plays during their first dance~

I actually don't have an OTP in this book. The OTPs happen in the next two books of the trilogy. But for the biggest one (which I can't name for the sake of spoilers), I'd have to say Stand by You by Rachel Platten.

~What song describes your protagonists~

My MC spends the majority of the book not knowing who she should put her faith in or how to live on in spite of all her shortcomings. I'm honestly not sure what song describes her, aside from the song listed down below under the TV show question. But if I had to pick a second, maybe Paralyzed by NF. Maybe. I can't really think of any others.

~Any characters with instruments or ties to instruments~

Most of my characters sing. Leah especially comes to mind. She's always humming and singing little songs. But there aren't many who play instruments in this book. If we were talking about The Herbalist's War, that would be a different story. 

~Any go to songs for romance or intense scenes~

Oddly enough, I like Desert Symphony by The Piano Guys. It's intense, but also calming. My only complaint is I wish it lasted longer.

~What song matches the first scene in your book~

The first half of The Treason of Isengard from The Fellowship of the Rings, I think is the best I can come up with. The scene starts out with her dreaming and then waking up from the nightmare, waking her best friend in the process. She calms down slightly, but only enough to convince her friend that she is okay (even though she's not). Then she struggles to go back to sleep, but her dream still haunts her, so she writes down the details and any questions that she might have in a journal that was gifted to her by a different friend for this very purpose.

That was a very boring run down of an actually interesting scene. But here's a Lord of the Rings song in exchange for your time. Enjoy.

~If your book was a T.V. show, what would the intro be~

This is rather hilarious to me. My book actually has a theme song. I wrote the lyrics to a song a while back after a sudden burst of inspiration. I sent it to Jules because she wanted to read it. She then emailed me a few months later asking if I had a tune in mind for it. After I told her I didn't, she admitted she'd composed music for it. She kept working on it for a few more months. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, she surprised me by playing her latest draft. As soon as the vocals start, I freak out because it was performed by our dear friend Rose Djan, who has a lovely singing voice! The amazing Evangeline then designed the cover! As she calls it, it's the Order of the Pen song! It was the BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER! So anyway, that's the story behind the song. I feel super awesome to have such talented friends who are willing to do stuff like that for me.

Here's the link, so you can listen to it and appreciate all of their awesomeness:

~If you received a call from an agent saying you're being published, what is your celebrating song~

Uh, Happy Dance by Mercy Me. *scoffs* Obviously.

~The Re-Tag~

Since it's my birthday, I tag anyone who has had a birthday this week! 

So what about y'all? Do you have music in your stories? What's your favorite writing music (if you guys are into that sort of thing ;) )? Have you ever written end credits songs for your books?


  1. I'm glad you loved your (early) birthday present!! Writing the tune and working with Rose was lots of fun, and I would love to do it again. I've written numerous songs for my stories; sometimes end credits, sometimes for in the story itself, sometimes just for the characters.

    1. Haha! You did get the first comment! I've got a couple new songs in the making, so maybe you'll get to see them someday.

  2. This tag is so much fun, I'm glad you did it! :)

    All of those songs are awesome, especially the theme song-that is seriously so awesome! XD

    1. Didn't they do a great job?! I freaked out so much when I heard it!

    I hope you get lots of cake and ice cream and sugar in general!!!
    This was a great post.


    1. Thanks! I'm not having normal cake (I'm not a huge fan of it) but I am having two kinds of ice cream, baklava, and mini cheesecakes. There's definitely not a shortage on sugar options!

    2. Well whatever you choose to eat, enjoy!!! If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? <3 (I totally understand if you don't want to share.)

    3. I hear 18 and 21 are the big numbers. I don't really know why. But that's probably exciting!! Happy birthday (again, lol.) XD

  4. Oh, I hope you had a happy 21st birthday, Sarah! And that song they wrote for you is a-maz-ing - I'm no expert, but I think the quality of the sound/recording seems of a professional level. And that's not taking into account Rose's incredible singing voice and the great backing music. :D

    1. It was pretty awesome! They all did a great job on their individual parts! I was so excited when I first heard it!

    2. And thank you! I had a great birthday. It was lots of fun!


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