The Six Stages of NaNo

I managed to win NaNo at possibly the very last minute. After taking almost a week off in the middle, I went into the final week over 10k behind.This was the first year I was worried I wouldn't win. I'm glad I did, but it took a lot of work that final week. I wrote the last word minutes before I headed out the door to go on a trip. Talk about stressful, but it was fun.  Then I took almost a week off for a vacation (of sorts). I'm back now to talk about the journey that is NaNo.

We can all agree that NaNo is a bit crazy, right? But just how crazy is it? I'm here to list a few stages that we participants live through each year. Some may experience different variations or combinations of the following scenarios. Or they might even go through an entirely different phase that I haven't mentioned. But regardless, I'm sure that y'all will relate to this in some form or fashion.

~Stage One: First Day of NaNo~

Oh wow, I'm excited! I can't wait to get started on my story. It's so full of promise. I can't believe I didn't think of this one before now! Just think: a month from now I'll have a 50k, completed novel. All the publishers will trip over themselves for it! It'll be a New York Times Best Seller!

~Stage Two: First Week of NaNo~

Everything is going great! Except, of course, my clean eating. And exercise. And bathing. And house care. And school. And family. And job. But those things can wait for a month, right? I'm creating a masterpiece over here!

~Stage Three: Weeks Two and Three~

Wow, this novel is garbage. Forget about publishers wanting it; I'd be surprised if I still want it when I'm done with it. Maybe I shouldn't have ignored all of those important life things during the first week. Now I gained ten pounds, have worn the same thing all week long, and my family is starving. Also, coffee and word sprints are life. I'm pretty much surviving on them.

~Stage Four: Week Four~

Who cares about quality these days? I've come too far; I can't quit now. The words are flowing like crazy now! I will write that 50k if it's the last thing I do!

~Stage Five: Winning~

I sooooo earned this finishers certificate. Also, I should treat myself to all the things! I can invite my family and friends over (who probably definitely want to see me after I all but ignored them this past month) and show off all the badges that I earned. Wow, I can't wait until next year. *Laughs hysterically* *Passes out* *snores*

~Stage Six: December First~

What in the world did I just do? Also, how is it that Christmas is almost here?! We haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet! Oh wait... *Chuckles nervously* Well, no matter, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Even to that weird kid down the street who eats nothing but mayo on saltines.

So there you have it! The six stages of NaNo all nicely laid out for you! High-five to anyone who got the reference at the end.

Congrats to all who participated in NaNo. It's a huge challenge and you should be proud of your accomplishments, regardless of if you reached 50k or not.

On to y'all. What are other stages that you experience during November? Did you relate to any of the above? 


  1. He eats mayo on saltines??? *spews hot chocolate all over computer screen* *shudders so hard the cat thinks there's an earthquake*

    My NaNo was like...

    Stage One: Oh, wow, I'm so excited! I can't wait to get start- hey, whatdya know...50K....

    Stage Two: I'm done. Nope. Hit 50K. That's all I'm doing. You can't make me keep writing now!

    1. LOL. It's a reference to a TV show my family watches.

      Yeah, that's the NaNo journey all summed up!

  2. I LOVED this post, Sarah!

    Heehee, Camp NaNo has similar stages, but I think it's more fun cause of cabins *grins*


    1. Yes, totally! I love Camp a ton. It opens up so many doors as far as flexibility on projects and a space for community.

  3. This is rad! NaNo definitely brings along with it an array of emotions. I sadly did not win this year but I can totally relate to the early joyous stages of NaNo along with the second and third week struggles. It's hard! But writing is the best. Cool post idea!

    1. Hey, at least you tried. That's a victory in and of itself. A lot of people don't try.

      I'm glad you could relate!


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