2018 Writing Goals

Yes, I know, I'm a week behind on getting this out there. I actually didn't decide to write this until a week ago, so I guess I can cut myself some slack. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about 2018's prospects in both my normal life and writing life. I made some crazy goals in 2017, most of which didn't end up happening. They were either unrealistic or uninformed. For this year, I decided to do my best to keep them as realistic as possible. I'll probably reassess them each month and see what I need to do to make it happen. But here's a list of my goals for writing (this post would be too long if I shared my goals for other aspects of my life):

1. Continue with edits on The Dawn of a Hero. I would like to complete the sixth draft by the end of the year, but with time constraints and an uncertainty of what still needs work, this might not be achievable. I hope I can, but I'll be okay if I don't. As long as I continue to work hard on it, I'll be fine.

Speaking of this beloved story, I just finished draft three on Saturday!!!!! It took me a year, but it's finally done! Hopefully, the next few drafts will go by easier. My brain is already churning out ideas for the next few drafts. I'm so excited to see where they'll take me!

2. Complete a full rewrite of The Fall of Chemmit. I started a rewrite several years ago, but a lot of things have changed in the trilogy since then. I'll have to start from scratch. *Cringes* I'm not looking forward to reading the first draft. There are LOTS of things that need to be removed. *barfs*

3. Finish my 2017 NaNo novel. I usually set aside the April Camp NaNo for finishing my November novels (since, you know, last year, so it's totally a tradition). I'm not entirely sure how much more I need to write. Probably 30-40k words. Regardless, I'd like to see this one finished.

4. Write however much of Ships, Secrets, and Survivors as Jules and I want. It's been a while since I've done a project like this, so I don't know how much to expect. We might finish it, or we might get only part way done with it. I'm not entirely sure.

5. Write my second dystopian novel. This will, Lord willing, happen during NaNoWriMo. No, it's not related to  The Herbalist's War in any way. It's entirely different. I'm pretty excited about this one. I'll share the details closer to the time. If Jules hosts another WIP special in October, I'll focus on it during that month.

There you have it: 5 writing goals for the new year. I'll do my best to keep you updated on my progress. I know I haven't done the greatest job at this. I'm trying to find an interesting way to write updates. Mine sound so boring in comparison to everyone else's. But I shall find my unique take on it someday!

Please pray for these goals. I'm also finishing up my final year (Lord willing) of college so a lot of my time and energy will go towards completing classes and homework. I'm also going on a missions trip in March, which will take some time away from major writing as well (though we have many layovers, so I'll probably find some time to scratch away at my writing). I trust that the Lord will guide me in my time usage throughout the year. He always has.

What about y'all? What are some of your goals? 


  1. Yay! You finished your third draft! Congrats on that! :D

    I can see you have a wonderful year of writing ahead.

    1. It was really surreal for me. I've never completed a round of edits before (the second draft was a rewrite), so this was an entirely new experience for me. I was soooo happy to finally finish it. Draft four should be really interesting/fun.

      I hope so. We'll see what the Lord has planned!

  2. *claps* congrats on the third draft!

    best of luck on your new goals. <3

  3. ANOTHER DISTOPIAN?!?!?!?!! *flails* I WANT IT NOW.

    The Herbalist's War was beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. I can't wait for you to write another! (Though your books in Reylance are epic as well!)

    Goal for SSaS: Enjoy ourselves!

    1. *Flails back* I want it too! I'm really excited about it. Dystopians are my babies. The Herbalist's War was one of my favorite books to write!

      YES! It's going to be my 'fun' story this year.

  4. *emerges from the writing cave and blinks in the sunlight*

    I love all of these goals, Sarah!! As a former college student, I definitely understand the struggle you're going through (senior year was the best for me, but it was a lotttt of work involved).


    1. *welcomes her back to the bright and sunny world*

      I'm really looking forward to this year. I'm getting to do a bunch of classes that I enjoy and I'll also have the accomplishment of finishing my degree. I'm really excited, but hopefully the work load won't crush me. Thanks for your encouragement!


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