5-Part Writing Special// Part Three: Meet the MC

I'm back!! And I have the next part of the 5-Part Writing Special for you. This week is all about the main character. Let's get to the questions, shall we?

~Introduce Your Main Character~

My MC is Dr. Annie Jones, the youngest herbalist at the time of my story. She's a passionate, hilarious 30-year-old who isn't afraid to speak her mind. 

~How Are the Goals of the MC and the Antagonist Clashing~

Annie simply wants to help everyone she comes in contact with, regardless of who they are and what their past is. Jeremy Rhys wants to destroy anyone who had anything to do with the drug companies. They often clash because he hates that she is still kind to them, despite their mistreatment of her. She's even best friends with the daughter of two pharmacists. He wants her to help him bring down the remaining drug companies and she won't join him.

~What Motivates Your MC~

Her desire to help others. No matter how cruel the governments are to her, she wants to help the people who are hurting. Often her greatest regret is sitting around or getting tossed around from country to country without being able to spend any time helping those around her.

~What Lie Does Your MC Believe In~

She believes herbalists can't fight. They're only good at sitting in the corner and patching people up. She doesn't believe they can make a real difference in the world.

~What is One Trait Your MC Disapproves in His/Herself~

Her inaction. This might sound like it's conflicting with her motivation, but it's not. It fits with the lie that she believes. She doesn't think that herbalists can fight or do anything to prevent the pain in the world from happening, so she instead stays behind the scenes and provides aid afterward. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it still is something she dislikes about herself.

~What Does the MC Love About His/Herself~

She loves that she's always ready to help those in need, *sideways glance at Dr. Rhys*, unlike some people. It's something that is good about her, but she sometimes can be too prideful about it. 

~What is Your MC's Greatest Strength and Weakness~

Her greatest strength is her mind. She is quick thinking and often is able to find the solutions to problems (unless it has to do with fighting, then she's out). 

Her weakness is doubt. Doubt in herself. Doubt in others. She doubts that she can do anything to help others. She doesn't believe others are willing to help her, so she often pushes them away. It's a good thing her friends don't take her too seriously, or else she might have ended up in a ditch somewhere. 

~What Does Your MC Like to Do When They're Bored~

She likes to get captured by enemy countries. It's good exercise. 

~What Does Your MC Look Like~

She has blonde hair that is often in a bun or braid because she can't stand it in her face while she's working. She has blue eyes. She likes to wear comfortable shoes (never knows when she might have to run a lot). The same goes for her clothes, though her best friends is a fashion designer, which means having to wear some uncomfortable clothes.

~How is Your MC Similar and Different Than You~

We both share an affinity for medicinal herbs. We often feel useless in crowds of brilliant people. We both forget that everyone has something to bring to the table. 

The difference between us is she is actually not scared of what lies ahead. For the most part, anyway. She's not scared of being in pain.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Annie. She's a blast to write and I love being in her head. Be sure to check out the rest of the participants' posts! Their characters are bound to be even more interesting!


So, what do you think? Would you like to meet Annie IRL? What was your favorite characteristic?


  1. Ahhhh, it sounds so excellent. Being unafraid of pain....that would be very nice. XD

  2. It's always nice to see compassionate and kind characters.

    1. Yeah, she's super sweet, loving, and just hilariously awesome. Also, #awkward

  3. I love how Annie isn't some young and kick-butt heroine. I mean, she's 30 years old and wants to help people. I just think Annie is not what you normally read of in a YA novel, and she's just so perfect and wonderful and entertaining and different and that's GOOD.

    1. She's pretty awesome. I love her awkwardness too. I find it hilarious to read.

  4. Every week this book sounds more and more epic!

    The shade at Dr. Rhys... XD

    1. So much shade. It's actually hilarious to read her little attitude sometimes.

      Thanks so much!

  5. I love Annie dearly. I love how she always wants to help others. And wow, there is so much potential for development, especially with that "lie". I'd love to see what you throw at her to make her change (wow, that just sounded rather sadistic, didn't it....)

    I guess she gets captured a lot. How does she deal with that???

    Being unafraid of pain would be wonderful....I hate having a low pain tolerance sometimes....actually all the time, now that I think about it.

    Awesome post, Sarah!!


    1. YES! She's sooooo awesome!

      Woah, let's chill here, Catherine. We don't want her to give up completely. But yes, I do tend to throw some stuff at her. It's pretty fun.

      She deals with it like the sarcastic doctor she is: sarcastically. Just wait until next week, when you get to meet the rest of the characters through her eyes. #greatness

      Yeah, she feels pain, but she knows that what is beyond is far better, so she endures.


  6. Annie seems like a very complex character! I have a soft spot for charries who are all about helping people but who are filled with doubts about themselves. Precious. <3 <3 <3

    1. Yeah, she's totally a sweetie! I loved writing her!

  7. Wow, Annie is amazing! I love how she's so selfless and just wants to help others. We need more people like that in THIS world too.

    COMFORTABLE SHOES, MAN. I can 100% agree. All your weight is on your feet, so take care of them!

    1. Yes, we really do. There's not enough of them in any world.

      YES! All the running and stress. Gotta wear something that can take the abuse.

  8. "When she's bored, she likes to get captured by enemy countries. It's good exercise." WOW I WANT TO MEET HER. That's so cool. xD And like Julian said, it's great how she's not the typical teenage heroine who gets in a heap of fights for no good reason? I look forward to meeting the rest of the characters, Sarah! :D


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