Get To Know Me Tag- Writer's Edition

A while ago, Jules @Saver of Memories tagged me for this fun tag created by Savannah Grace @Inspiring Writes. I was really excited to do this one.

Here's the rules:

1. Link back to the person who created the tag. Check.
2. Thank the person who tagged you. Check.
3. Share the tag graphic. Check.
4. Tag 11 other bloggers. LOL, nope! I'm always at the tail-end of these things and by then usually everyone in my little circle has already been tagged. So if you want to do it, go ahead and steal the tag!

So anyway, here you go! I hope you enjoy the answers!

Vital Stats and Appearances

Name: Sarah 

Nicknames: I don't really have any nicknames for my first name. My mom often calls me Lill off of my middle name. My brothers discovered that my name spelled backwards is Haras, so they have a grand ol' time making fun of that. But other than that, nothing. 

People frequently freestyle my last name and butcher it, both with pronunciation and spelling. Say it with me, y'all: ROE-deck-er. Not ROD-eck-er. And certainly not rod-NECK-er. 

Birthday: You wanna know what's sad? The other day, my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I was like, "My birthday? Didn't I just have my birthday?" Yeah, Sarah, you did. Like, last year.

Long story short, I forgot about my birthday. And made my mom really sad...

Hair Color and Length: It's down to my shoulder blades right now. WHen I was young, I had really super long hair, but after getting it cut off and donated three times, I've decided to keep it around shoulder length to shoulder blade length. I can still style it the way I like it, but it's not constantly in my way. 

As far as the color goes, it's a brown, blonde weird mix. Some days it's really gold and others it's light brown. It's strange, but I love it. 

Eye Color: Blue. Very blue.

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: None of those, but I have quite a few scars. They're pretty cool. 

Righty or Lefty: Righty!

Ethnicity: European. Primarily German, English, and Irish. 


First Novel Written: The Dawn of a Hero, though it wasn't novel length when I first wrote it. It maxed out at 18k. But when I went back and rewrote it, it grew to 72k. It's even bigger now. 

First Novel Finished: Same as above.

Award for Writing: None.

Publication: None so far.

Conference: Same. I'm really hoping to go to Realm Makers next year. We'll see if that's what the Lord has planned for me. 

Query or Pitch: Ditto. 


Novel that You Wrote: This is a rather evil question. I think it's a three-way tie between The Dawn of a Hero, The Rise of the Prisoner, and The Herbalist's War. All three have very special places in my heart. I love them very dearly.

Genre: To read or write? I love reading and writing fantasy, but I also enjoy writing dystopian. 

Author: Stephanie Morrill. Like, I #canteven about her upcoming book. AHHHHHHH!!! I need it now!!!

Writing Music: It varies. I don't really have a favorite kind of music. Usually it's high-energy instrumental, but I also listen to some lyrical if I'm having a low-energy day.

Time to Write: Early morning. I'm usually at my desk at around 7:30-8 in the morning and I like to get my writing done then. I usually feel really creative and energized, but my brain hasn't woken up enough to over-think what I've written so far. 

Writing Snack/Drink: I don't usually snack while writing. I save it for when I'm done. That way I can focus on writing and actually taste the snack. As far as drinks go, it's my usual answer: water, hot tea, and black coffee. Very rarely do I ever drink anything besides those three. I usually drink water, but if I'm feeling low on energy, I'll make a cup of tea or coffee.

Movie: I love watching Lord of the Rings. They're probably my favorite, though I hate limiting myself because there are so many good movies out there and my tastes change constantly. 

Writing Memory: I don't think I have a specific favorite memory. I know I love it any time I get to write in the mountains. Being there always brings me peace and a creative boost. I would love to take another trip just to write up there again!

Childhood Book: I have a lot of favorite childhood books. I think one that sticks out to me is Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? My mom used to read that to use in cadence, so that's the memory I have of it. 


Reading: DragonLight by Donita K. Paul. I'm almost done with that. I'll start on Winter by Marissa Meyers once I'm done.

Writing: Not really writing much of anything this week. I'm taking a creative respite for writing. But I'm currently writing The Fall of Chemmit and Ships, Secrets, and Survivors

Listening to: Till the Day I Die by TobyMac ft. NF. 

Watching: My family is finishing up our third or forth time going through Leverage. We're on season 5 right now and I just can't wait to watch the finale! I borderline cry every time I watch it. So good!

Learning: Principles of Finance and Management Information Systems. Great fun!


Want to Be Published: Absolutely!

Indie or Traditional: I want to be traditionally published for most of my works, but a few I wouldn't mind self-publishing. 

Wildest Goal: For my books to become movies (with Cate Blanchett playing Farlina).

There you go! I hope you enjoyed that!

What about y'all? What is your wildest writing dream? What are you currently reading (I need more clean book recs because my TBR isn't long enough)? What song are you listening to on repeat? Are you stealing this tag? Have you ever forgotten about your birthday?


  1. Fun tag! I might have to steal this sometime... :D

    1. You should totally steal it! I would love to read your answers!

  2. This is such a good tag, I need to do it at some point. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Leverage are all so good.
    We have similar tastes!

    1. AHHH! Someone else loves Leverage! It's so hard to find people who appreciate it!

  3. Yay, you did it! I love this tag!

    And Lord of the Rings is amazing. Along with Winter - that’s my second favorite of the series!

    I would steal this, but I’ve already done it . . . so I’ll just watch and see if anyone takes it! :)

    1. LotR is pretty awesome. The feel of the movies are amazing. Something about them is just so comforting and different than just about any other movie.

  4. I love this tag so much! <3 It was so fun to see your answers--and I totally agree with your answer on indie vs. trad, haha. Great post!

    1. Yes, I just really want to go the traditional route for most of my books. Something about it just makes sense to me.

  5. That is a PERFECT use of the Tangled gif.

    Also, you forget that a number of the Pennites call you CG. Just sayin’.

    (Did I catch a hint that we need to plan another Leatherwood trip?)

    1. Lol, I couldn't believe I forgot!

      Yeah, but I was going off of nicknames from my real name. Which there aren't really any.

      I'm planning to take a Bonclarken trip at some point, but I suppose a Leatherwood trip would be fun too.

  6. Love this tag! (I did it a few weeks ago.)

    My wildest writing dream is . . . I don't actually know. Probably just to be published. :P

    Right now, I'm reading To All the Boys I've Loved Before, by Jenny Han. Not very far in, but I'm enjoying it so far. :)

    1. Hey, right now being published is a really big dream of mine!

      Cool! I've heard of those books around, but I've never really thought about looking into them.

  7. Great answers! =) AHHHH CATE BLANCHETT. She's such a great actress, it would be so cool for her to play a book character of yours. Dream big, and best of luck with your goals. <3

    1. IKR!! She is exactly what I imagine for Farlina. Like, I can't even. She's perfect.

  8. Man, I've been saying your last name wrong in my head! I swear, I butcher everyone's names on here. :'(

    I loved the DragonLight series when I was younger, how are you finding it? :D

    1. LOL! It's totally cool! I'm used to it. I usually just laugh it off and move on.

      I read them many years ago and I decided to reread them this year. They're just as magical and lovely as I remember them!! *Happy sigh*

  9. *realizes that I've been mentally saying your last name wrong*.....But I get your pain over that. People always say our last "EscobEdo" and it's "Escobedo" like, say THE BED PART PEOPLES

    Anyways, this tag looks super fun and it's one of my upcoming posts for next month :)


    1. LOL! As I told Gray, it's totally cool! I actually find it hilarious! But yeah, it's so much fun having a confusing name. #not

      Awesome! I can't wait to read your answers!

  10. Leverage is awesome!!!

    Phew. Good to know that I've always pronounced your name correctly in my mind. ;D


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