We Need Your Questions!

So, Jules and I are coming up on our 2-year blogoversary and we decided to do a joint Q&A vlog thingy. You'll have the opportunity to hear my gravely voice! Yes, I know. It's scary.

Obviously, in order to do a Q&A, we need questions, so please leave as many as you'd like down below. You can ask questions for me, Jules, or the both of us. And then make sure to go leave some at her blog too!

Our only rule is you don't ask us anything too personal, such as where we live or what our favorite book is. We won't be answering those questions.

I'm so excited to see what y'all ask!


  1. Lol, "... or what our favorite book is."

    1. Why should /others/ blog?
    2. Why do you follow someone's blog?
    3. When did you first realize blogs exist? How did that realization/ knowledge change you?
    4. Do you like to reread books? If so, what makes a book worth rereading?
    5. What's your favorite physical activity that gets your blood moving?


  2. What was the first blog you discovered?
    What was the most recent blog you discovered?
    Least favorite genre to read or write in?


  3. Here's a couple for both of you:
    -What are three books that BOTH of you like a lot?
    -I believe I remember you saying you cowrote a book. What were some highlights of that experience?

    This is going to be AWESOME!

  4. Since we agreed to ask each other questions....

    What's your ideal morning routine?
    Do you have a favorite farming story/adventure?
    Would you rather never drink coffee again or never write again? *insert mad grin*
    What is your costume for Realm Makers? (Mwahaha you don't have to answer this one, I know you like surprises.)
    What meme do you find yourself using or quoting of the most?
    #squadgoals - favorite epic moment with your siblings?

  5. This is a super idea to celebrate!! Here's some questions for both of ya:

    1. If you had to listen to the same song over and over again all day long, what song would you pick?
    2. What three things do you both have in common?
    3. What three things do you not have in common with each other?
    4. What is one of your hobbies other than reading, writing, and riding horses?
    5. Favorite breakfast food?

    Have fun answering these! ;)

  6. Favorite thing to do besides reading?
    What is the hardest thing for you to write?
    What is your favorite story trope?


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