What Would You Like to See In 2020?

I think it's been almost two years since I last asked y'all what you'd like to see more of, which is far too long if you ask me.

So here is a long overdue survey for y'all concerning my blog content.

What are some types of posts you like seeing from me?

If you can remember, was there a post from my blog that stuck with you? If so, what especially stood out to you?

What would you like to start seeing from me in the new year?

What are your favorite kinds of posts to read on blogs (not just mine, but all over)?

If you could answer some or all of these questions in the comments below so I could have a better vision of things to write for y'all, I'd greatly appreciate it!

I love you all and I appreciate your constant support!


  1. . . . a bullet journal post. (you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you XD)

    Honestly, I really like the types of posts you’ve been writing! You always put such a unique spin on things. <3

    1. *snorts* Yes, I totally saw that coming! I actually filmed a bullet journal vlog, so I really just need to edit it and it'll be good to go.

      I'm glad to hear that!

  2. (Ohhhh that BJ vlog will be cool...which reminds me...we still have that rip it or ship it video to put up sometime...)

    The heartfelt posts are always good. Plus the text snapshots. How-to's of any kind are always cool.

    1. I'm gonna try and edit it up. I may refilm it with better angles and stuff, but it's definitely a video I'm working on getting up.

      LOL, the text snapshots are definitely staying. Joe would have a fit if they weren't.

  3. I'm up for anything really. Writing, life, favorite things type posts.


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