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One of my favorite parts about being a writer is the community. Writing can often come across as a solitary pursuit, but in reality, it is a social endeavor if gone about the right way. Writers often are so encouraging, welcoming, and respectful. I just love being a part of that. So I thought I might celebrate the community today by listing a few of the things I love about it.


We all have moments in our writing lives where we don't feel so great about ourselves. Our writing seems flat, our characters aren't behaving, and we don't seem to have enough time to write. So many times I've watched the writing community pick each other up, dust them off, and set them on their way. I've had many times where I didn't think my story was worth telling. I wrote The Dawn of a Hero when I was a kid. How was I ever going to clean up that mess? Was it worth the work? But after relaying all of these negative thoughts to my best friend, she encouraged me to keep working. It might take me 500 drafts to get this thing where it needs to be, but I know my awesome writing group will be with me every step of the way. 


Writers have high points as well as lows. I've watched many writers go through high points and get really excited about it, as they should. And I've watched their fellow writers celebrate with them. Now, this is hard sometimes. It is hard to celebrate when you feel like you're at the lowest of lows. Jealousy can often be the first response. But it shouldn't be. Our highs will come. And, dare I say, they will be even better because we were able to celebrate during our low points. I am proud of those who celebrate that others are in the sunshine even when they're in the rain. 


The other day, on a Facebook group, one of the members raised the question about how we as individuals would react to swearing in books. There were people from every end of the spectrum, from being very much okay with it to not being okay with it at all. But despite the varying differences, there wasn't a single bit of argument or name bashing based on their preferences/beliefs. There was a respectful discussion. I am against swearing and said as much, but I wasn't attacked because of it. The writer asking the question liked my comment and that was that. While my response was a one-word answer, some did go into detail as to why they answered a certain way. Even there, when a discussion was sparked, no one started yelling or calling people names. It dripped with respect. And that is something I can get behind. 


You probably cringed, right? Well, remember that moment I told you about in the encouragement section? The one about my BFF encouraging me to keep working? Well, one of the parts of that encouragement was her telling me some of the things that might be off in my WIP. It gave me clarity and a purpose as I continued with my edits. Sometimes encouragement comes with tough love. It is so important to embrace critiques. Learn to love them. PLEASE! Life will be so much easier if you learn to embrace critiques. It's hard sometimes, but there are few things that will make you grow more as a writer than sound advice. Anyway, I love how the writing community jumps at the chance to give kind critiques.

Now to you! What are some things you love about the writing community? Anything in particular that you want to work on?


  1. For being a group of people (mostly introverts) who spend their time with imaginary people and coffee, writers can be extremely social and encouraging!

    1. Often we socialize over imaginary people and coffee! Which is even cooler!

  2. The community is the. best. thing I've discovered since starting my writing blog. I've 'met' so many young writers, when I'd previously thought writing was and always would be a solitary thing. And some people write posts (maybe not even specifically about writing) that are so motivating, and encourage the following of dreams, and those people are a blessing. Despite writing being a competitive field, encouragement is definitely the biggest feature of the writing community!

    Jem Jones

    1. Exactly! I just love it when they rally around other writers for support and encouragement.


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