5-Part Writing Special// Part Five: Aesthetic Blogosphere Party!

We have come to the final week of the March 5-Part Writing Special. *sniff* It's so sad. Go ahead and check out the rest of the posts if you haven't already. The Story, Setting, MC, and SCs and Villain.

If you've followed along these past few weeks and you want to participate in this epic event, just make sure you keep a weathered eye out on Jule's blog for her next round. I'm guessing it'll probably be in October (which means we'll have to discuss questions in September). Just in time for NaNo!

This week, instead of having set questions, we all decided to have a big WIP aesthetic party! We get to share any and all art, music, and other artistic things that we do for our stories. #fun

I'll be loading you up with all the aesthetic goodness for this story. Hopefully, it'll leave you with lots of feels. I know I felt all the feels while working on this post!


Storyworld- Greenhouses//Biltmore//Mountains//Herbs//Dogwoods//Cabins//Darkness

Annie- Herbs//violin//controlled hair//prisons//notes (and coffee)//gardening

Garrett- Friend//agent//cinnamon roll//book nerd//guitar//prayer warrior

Sosha- Sunny//love//wildflowers//dreamer//dogwoods (again)//wooden swing

Clary- Fabric//bright smile//fashion//style//perfect nails//buried pain

Rhys- Grieving//terrorist//drugs//hate//gentleman//distruction

Mitch- Contact point//birdhouse//hide the milk
Rosie- Water (no way)//fighter//strong, but kind


There's a lot of music in my story, but unfortunately, I don't have much to show for it. 

Hymns are a big part because both Annie and Garrett are Christians. One of the biggest, more important hymns in the story is The Church's One Foundation. I finally found a version on youtube that had all six verses without too many instrumentals. Just a little organ and it was great. 

Then, of course, we have Annie's favorite classical artist, Vivaldi. She loves to dance around to his Four Seasons while she works. It would take too much space to put all of the recordings here. Besides, I assume y'all have heard it somewhere before. Just know that it's important to my story.

As far as the soundtrack goes, I can't actually remember what music I listened to when I wrote it. I know I played Desert Symphony on repeat for some of the scenes. And Arwen's Vigil. So I must have been listening to Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling at that point. I tend to do that during NaNo events. Their music really sets the mood for my writing.

Anyway, as I said, I don't have much to show for my music, even though it's a big deal to the story. 


One of my characters is a fashion designer, so I designed several outfits for the story. They're not great, but they helped me with description. 


I usually keep my Pinterest boards secret because of spoilers, but I decided to make a spoiler-free one for y'all to enjoy. You can check it out here.

So there you have it. All of the colorful, aesthetic-y goodness! Make sure you check out the other participants' posts, as they're going to be AWESOME!! I'll update the links as they come up: Jules, Gray, Faith, Keturah, Evangeline, Lila, Snapper, Jem, and Catherine.

What did y'all think? Did you like the aesthetics? Which was your favorite? Have any of you heard of The Church's One Foundation before?


  1. THESE ARE AMAZING!!! I love the aesthetics! <3 Your book is going to be EPIC!!

    1. Thanks! I love this story so much. It was a joy to write!

  2. Ahhhh, they're so cool! The Church's One Foundation is my dad's favorite hymn, and I play it frequently on the piano for my church. <3

    1. That's so awesome that you know it! I love that hymn so much (it's my favorite too!).

  3. This story is so aesthetic and cool omw. O_o <33

  4. All the images are so calming and beautiful! Love this!

  5. I love seeing all your fun pictures! I'm so new to collages... it's definitely an art to make them! I really loved reading about your book. Make sure to let me know if you need a beta reader ;d

    1. They're really fun to make!

      Lol, it mig be a while before I need beta readers, but I'll try to keep that in mind!

  6. Annie’s aesthetic is BEAUTIFUL!!! And how’d I know you would link to The Church’s One Foundation??

    I need to find Arwen’s Vigil again. I think I liked that one.

    Thanks for doing the tag again!!!!

    1. Thanks!

      Hmm, maybe because you know the story so well?

      I love doing this tag! I can't wait until next time!

  7. OH MY GOSH, I LOVE ALL OF THESE COLLAGES!! Not only were they really pretty, they fit the characters so well!!!!

    And it is so cool that Annie likes classical music like Vivaldi. Classical music doesn't get enough love in literature :).

    Awesome post Sarah!


    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them!

      Yeah, it was kind of fun to add classical music. I enjoy it sometimes and I felt like it was a little piece of me to add.

  8. The collages are beautiful!! I am now completely sold on this. (Also Mitch's word aesthetic is "hide the milk". Love it. xD)

    I've never heard "The Church's One Foundation" before, but the tune's familiar (I think we sing another hymn with that tune?) It's pretty epic and majestic! (even though I'm not used to organs in my hymns ;)
    - Jem Jones

    1. Yes!! He's awesome!!

      Yeah, I think that it's a relatively common tune. We don't use organ for our church (usually) but this was the one recording that had all six verses. So I went with it.

  9. I kind of already ship Garrett and Annie. <3 ;)

    AWESOME AESTHETICS!! So many pics displaying the vibe of your novel. Love it!!! :D

    1. Hmm... That's an interesting conclusion. I wonder how you came to it...


  10. Oh, such pretty aesthetics, Sarah! I love the pictures and the clothing designs. You're so good at that!

    1. Thanks! I loved drawing them (it was even better that I had an excuse to do so!).


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