Liebster Award 2018

D.G. Snapper @Silver Pheonix tagged me for the Liebster Award. I did this last year, but since it's a new year, I figure it is nice to do it again. 

But anyway, you should definitely check out Snapper's blog! She's relatively new to the blogosphere, but she's totally awesome. Her snark and outlook on life are hilarious! She's also very kind and thoughtful. Her blog posts prove this, as she often presents topics that are thought-provoking. Definitely, go to her blog and give her some love!

~The Rules~

1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award on your post/blog. 
2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of their nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

~If given the choice between playing a board game and a video game, which would you choose~

Board game except in the case of Monopoly and Risk. Always go with the computer game. It's faster and waaaayyyy more fun. I don't know if those count as 'video games' so maybe they still classify under board games. If so, then great! 

~Does the idea of a coastal beach or a cabin in snowy Montana sound more appealing to you?~

Cabin in snowy Montana. Beaches and I aren't really friends. Open water, people. It's a dangerous place. Stay safe. Pick the cabin. Bears, I can handle. Sharks? #noway

~Are cats constantly devising a way to eat you?~

Cats love me, people. We understand each other on a deep level. Now, they might devise ways to eat people who don't like me. That's 100% a possibility. To be safe, you should like me. Or else I might turn my cat on you. Fear the Dustfinger!!!

I mean, this cat knows how much he's loved.
Don't mess with his mommy.

~Writing or reading?~

It's a well-established fact that writers can't write well unless they read. So I guess I would have to go with a generic answer: write when I don't read and read when I don't write. 

~Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with your villains, or be the villain of your hero?~

Probably stuck in the elevator with my villains. They're pretty cool people if you know how to talk to them. Besides, I'd like to know their secrets. What better way to pick their brains than spending an indefinite amount of time with them in an enclosed space? There's no way this could end badly. 

~What would you do if you woke up in your story world?~

Immediately move to the north and live like a hermit. Or go to the ruins of Ryiar. That would be awesome. Or explore Chemmit. But #heat so that's probably a no for me. I could go to the Foyc Territory. It's nice and cold there. That would be perfect! Basically, I have no idea what I would do. Probably cry tears of joy. And then pray that all the bad guys are no longer living. Though I might want to meet them. They're pretty cool. 

~How many times have you looked at a book and put it back on the shelf?~

So many times. Especially with Tolkien books. I pick them up, drool over them, read the price tag, remember I'm broke, and then put it back on the shelf. I then leave the store crying. 

And then, of course, I do this with my TBR. I pick up a book that's about ten spaces down the list, wish that it was higher up, then set it back down on the shelf. 

~Library or bookstore?~

Bookstore. My library stinks. I wrote an entire school paper on it, it's so bad. Bookstore all the way. 

~When given the choice between Batman and Spiderman, who would you choose to save your main character?~

Probably Spiderman.  Because I might get the chance to meet Tony Stark. I don't know why.

~Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?~

Lord of the Rings. I like Star Wars well enough, but I'm not a crazy huge fan. Get me talking about Lord of the Rings, however, and we're good. Though I seriously need to go reread/rewatch the series. It's been too long. Except my family is watching through all of the Marvel movies in order to prepare for The Infinity Wars. #geekingoutsomuch #icantgetoverthattrailer #suspense 

LotR will have to wait until after May. 

~What name would you give your blog in an alternate universe?~

"Geeking in the Kitchen with Sarah". It would have multiple posts about how to cook with lasers. Because Leverage, food, and I'd probably be a different person in an alternate universe and thus I could probably understand chemistry. I don't understand it in this world, but perhaps I would in a different one. #makesmewanttodance Yes, I realize this entire answer is weird if you don't understand the reference, but whatever. I think it's hilarious. 

~The Random Facts~

1. My superpower is my propensity to burn myself. Seriously, I'm really good at it. I've got the scars to prove it too. Nowadays, I barely flinch when I get burned. 

2. I used to hate everything to do with fitness. Running was my bane. *raises an eyebrow at younger me* If only you knew...

3. I'm actually pretty good at furniture refurbishing. I'm redoing two tables right now and they're both looking really good. I'll have to post pictures once they're done. 

4. I don't like open water. I won't swim in it. This is weird because I'm actually a pretty decent swimmer when I'm consistent with my training (read: I'm not good at all right now because I haven't seen a trainer in years). But I'm terrified of *things* in the water. So nope. I'll stay on the shore, thank you very much. 

5. I don't like soda, especially those with caffeine in them. Unless you want me to be down for the rest of the day with a splitting headache, don't offer me any. I'd rather have water, hot tea, or coffee. Sometimes I can handle a little ginger ale, but not too often, and it should be either Blenheim (the hot kind) or Seagrams. 

6. I have a knack for picking up musical instruments. I wouldn't claim I'm great at any of them, but I can play just about anything someone throws at me if they give me a few lessons (or if I watch a few). 

7. I actually have a knack for picking up creative things in general (which is weird because I'm slightly more left brained than right brained). Cake decorating. Wool spinning. Sewing. Quilting. Knitting. I've annoyed lots of people at classes because of this. The stuff they struggle with comes easily to me. Of course, I  had to struggle with things that apparently matter in real life, like driving. No one judges you if you can't paint, but if you can't drive? It must be the end times. 

8. I lived with my family of six in a 700 sq.ft. house for five years along with two dogs (one a Great Pyr/Huskie mix, so you know he's a giant) and two cats. While homeschooling. Needless to say, we were pretty close to each other. *applause for everyone involved for not killing each other*

9. Despite my reputation as a phenomenal baker, I actually don't like dessert all that much. My preferred taste palates are either savory, spicy, or salty. I love sour stuff too, but they're usually loaded with sugar and that just ruins everything. I've even grossed people out by squeezing an entire lemon into a bottle of water. Even that wasn't sour enough for me, but the looks on their faces were priceless. 

10. I used to think I wanted to be a large animal vet, a nutritionist, and a physical therapist (at different times). All of those are far cries from my current studies in business management. I'm also thankful I decided to pursue none of them. #icanthandlefourmoreyearsofschool #thedebt #alsoscience #cantdoscience

11. I used to do costume construction for a local little theater. And got paid for it! #unconventionaljobsforthewin 

~The Re-Tag~

Since I've already officially tagged people the last time I did this, I'm leaving this one open. If you want to answer any of the following questions, you're more than welcome to steal this tag. 

~My Questions for You~

1. What book are you currently reading?

2. What is your favorite fairy tale retelling?

3.What is your favorite beverage besides water?

4. What is your go-to meal to make for dinner?

5. If you were a color, which one would you be and why?

6. What is your current theme song?

7. Which season is your favorite?

8. Favorite childhood comic strip?

9. Favorite extra-curricular subject in school?

10. Favorite blog post of yours?

11. Favorite hobby?

There you have it! It's finally over. That's probably the longest post I've ever written! I hope y'all enjoyed it. 

Also, I should be getting back sometime today, so I'll do my best to catch up on y'all's comments this afternoon. 

Are you going to steal this one? If you do, please let me know so I can read your post! Have any of you had unconventional jobs? What would your alternative blog name be?


  1. Awww, your kitty is adorable :)

    I don't mind open water so much (I've swam off the coast in the ocean), but I don't like the idea of tangling with sharks or jellyfish either. Nasty creatures....

    My library was really small growing up, but then it moved to a new building across the road and it's better now...

    Fitness was not my favorite thing either. Until I learned kickboxing and self defense. Then it became fun!

    Oh my gosh, you and I have similar talents in music and hobbies! I'm fairly sure I get the music thing from my mom and aunt - they'd always be able to play Amazing Grace on almost any instrument they could get once they figured out where all the notes were.

    Same - I wanted to be a vet when I was younger and then decided not to for emotional reasons (and 8 years of school just sounded brutal).

    Haha, I gross out my mom all the time because I love lemons. I'll eat them raw - I used to eat lemons like people eat oranges when I was in middle school.

    Awesome tag, Sarah!!!


    1. Yeah, he's pretty adorable. I love him to pieces.

      Wow, we have quite a few similarities!!! That's super awesome!

  2. I remember when you wanted to be a vet. :) That's when I wanted to be a farrier, lol.

    And there we were - two girls who hated running, doing a 15 mile RAT...and then on to an 18 mile foot race...wondering what in the world happened????

    Don't even get me started on the time I found myself swimming next to a sting ray while in the ocean...


    1. Yep, don't know what I was thinking, but I'm glad I'm no longer following that path!

      *Eyeroll* I'm crazy. Hopefully, I can get back to running soon so I'm prepared for Peachtree.

  3. Cats would kill me. They've tried. The only thing I have in common with cats is the mutual dislike for each other. XD XD

    This post is epic. I didn't get your reference, but I still found the alternate universe one funny. I kind of wonder what I would be like in an alternate universe.

    AND 700 SQUARE FEET WITH A LARGE FAMILY??!! Y'all deserve a medal for that. XD

    Great post!

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. *sigh* what are we going to do with you, Ivie?

      LOL, it's from a TV show.

      Yeah, I'm surprised we didn't kill each other. While we learned a lot from that experience, I'm not sure I want to do something like that again nor would I necessarily recommend it to anyone.

  4. I loved your answers!
    I have difficulties with driving too!

    1. I'm pretty good at it now, but I was always annoyed with people about how they treated it like it was completely necessary for life. I just didn't care much at all. I still don't care all that much. To me, there are more important things in life.

  5. YOUR CAT IS SO ADORIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome answers!

    1. Yes, he is!! It's almost his birthday. I can't believe he's almost two!



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