You Don't Have To Be Good

"I could never do ____. I'm not good at ____."

Have you ever heard this in response to something you do? Maybe writing. Maybe art. Whatever it is, I'm almost certain that it confused you to some level. I know it confuses me. Because, quite honestly, I'm not fundamentally good at anything that I do.

I'm not good at writing.

I'm not good at cooking.

I'm not a good violinist.

I'm not good at anything, really. I have no raw talent in any of the things I do.

Not really.

But I work hard. I don't settle when I can learn more.

I've worked on my writing for 12 years.

I've honed my cooking skills basically since I could shove food in my mouth.

I've played the violin since I was 7, with a streak of five years where I practiced every day in a row.

This is the secret of becoming good at anything you're interested in doing.

Hard work and a constant hunger to learn.

You don't have to be good. You have to be willing to put in the hours it takes to hone a skill.

Is there something that you're curious about trying? Think you're not good enough at it to give it a shot?

Well, I dare you to try it out.

Maybe you decide that you just don't actually like it and don't really want to continue with it. 100% a valid reason to not do something. But saying you're not good at it without even bothering to try is not a reason to not give something a shot.

Because you may find that you absolutely adore it. You want to put in the work it takes to develop your skill. You fall in love with the process rather than the idea of a perfect result.

This is how you become "good" at something.

And you want to know a secret?

You will always have something new to learn, no matter what. You'll never be bored if you keep your eyes open for new avenues of education.

And that is pretty incredible!!

Onto y'all. What's something you're curious about trying? Has "I'm not good at ____" been a reason you've put off giving it a shot? What's something that you've spent years learning and practicing? How has your craft improved over the years?


  1. This. Love it!!!

    People who don't try anything and then say they're not good at, how do you know? I thought I would be really bad at Frisbee and Ping-Pong, but after a little bit of practice, I can actually hold my own pretty well.

    Sometimes that's all it takes...the bravery to risk looking like a fool for 10 minutes while you figure things out.

    Sometimes it takes a couple years of consistent, determined practice.

    But we can do it. We can improve. We can get good at it.

    1. Exactly! Like, you've never even tried. How do you know?

      And, quite frankly, you could risk looking like a fool for years, but simply not care at all just because you enjoy it so much!


  2. THIS POST!! YES!!!
    I was actually struggling so much with this last night and waking up and seeing it in my feed just felt like a sign. <333

    1. I'm so glad it was what you needed. I love how the Lord gives each of us something in our hearts just at the right time for someone else! Praying for you, girl!

  3. This is so important. I'm not good at so many things...but if I keep working to improve, I can be. And that's the most important thing. Thank you for sharing <3

    1. YES!!! Keeping working hard, love what you do, and never fear being not good at something!!

  4. AMEN!
    I' m not so good chaotic situations but I'm learning to throw myself into them headfirst and trust myself to the One who made me. It's been a journey!

    1. It is so scary to go into things that are unknown, but God has us in his hand and that is soooo comforting!


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