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Top Three Productivity Tips

Our culture is obsessed with productivity. We want to make sure we produce the most outcome possible. Increased outputs = increased profits. Increased profits means more money. Hundreds of posts have been written on this topic alone, showing you the best ways to get things done. Many even make an entire career on advising others on increasing their production. It's an over-flooded topic, which probably leads you to wonder why anyone would bother writing about it anymore.

Honestly, I don't know why I'm writing this to begin with. I'm not super productive all of the time. I mean, I have bursts of insane productivity, but with illness, there are just as many days where I'm unable to do anything at all. But I'm still going to write this thing because I've found several things that help me through unproductive slumps. Maybe y'all might find some sort of encouragement and help by reading it.

~Find Your To-Do List Style~
To-do lists are friends. They keep us on…

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