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Editing Encouragement

Hey y'all. I'm here with a brief note of encouragement today. As many of you know, I'm in the middle of edits for The Dawn of a Hero. I often get discouraged with the amount of work ahead of me. After a read-through, I found so many things that needed fixing, lots of scenes that I needed to write, and character motivations that needed ironing. And then I got to thinking about the subsequent edits that come after critiques. I would have to face this amount of work again. Talk about discouraging.

But then the other day I went back through a chapter I'd already edited, just so I could put a few finishing touches on it before I submitted it to the Order of the Pen for critiques. I walked away feeling encouraged because it wasn't terrible. It didn't feel like it needed a lot of work. Sure, my group will probably find things that will make it even better. But those edits are minor in comparison to what I already poured into that chapter. I felt better walking away fr…

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