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What English Comp Taught Me About Writing Stories

A few months ago, I finished up English Comp II (my second time at it because my school wouldn't accept my credits. GRR!). I was annoyed with having to do it again, but it turned out to be rather profitable. I learned several things that reminded me why I believe taking a formal English course is  beneficial for us creative writers. Three things, in particular, stand out to me.

Anyone who has taken an English course knows that creating a good thesis is important to writing a paper. The same goes for story writing. Instead of a thesis, we have themes. The themes are the messages we convey throughout our stories, intentionally or not.

Some writers, myself included, don't typically like to assign a particular theme to a story until at least the first draft is written (with a few exceptions). That's totally cool; most people don't figure out their final thesis until they've written the body of their essay. But once that draft is finished, it's probably a g…

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