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WIP 4-Part Special//Part Three: Typical Day In the Storyworld

  Welcome to week three of the WIP Special!! If you've missed the past two weeks, you can find them here and here !  This week, we're going to do a little overview of life in our storyworlds. We are going to talk about what it would look like if we were dropped into our worlds, with everything the same about ourselves (job, personality, etc.) with the obvious differences that would be affected by the world (clothing, food, etc.). Basically, there's no embellishment allowed. We can't make ourselves bold princesses and dashing heroes if we're not already those things. For the purposes of helping me narrow down the location a bit, I'm going to pretend I live at the compound, which is a place the Mason's missionary team set up to help people who are fleeing their homes due to attacks.  Let's hop right in! -What sort of job would you have in your storyworld? I would probably be considered an "odd job man". I mean, technically, I'm an author, but

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