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WIP Special Part Two//Worldbuilding

Welcome to week two of the WIP Special!! In case you missed it, you can check out last week's post about my story here.

This week is dedicated to the worldbuilding behind the story. Today, you'll get to learn a little more about the Former United States of America (or FUSA, for short), more specifically Atlanta, GA. I hope you enjoy!

~What aspect of this world would make you want to leave immediately?~
The riots. One large aspect that fills both this book and Simon Says is there are tons of angry rioters. 
~If you lived in this world, what would be your job/working environment?~
It largely depends on what career I choose. Some careers, such as lawyers and the like, are no different in environment as today. They're going to be fairly well paid, albeit pretty corrupt.
Others are held at a much lower esteem. I think if I chose to still be an author, it would likely be frowned upon and probably would never be a sustainable career. 
I would probably have to choose something more…

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