5-Part WIP Special// Part Two: Main Characters

Welcome to week two of the 5-Part WIP Special, NaNo Edition! If you missed last week's post all about the story, you can check it out here.

This week, we're chatting about our MCs!! You get to meet my angsty little Ive and learn all her dark secrets! Let's get into it!

~Introduce your MC a little (name, maybe a description or picture, etc,) and tell us something quirky about them~

My MC is Ive Ryes. She's Simon's personal assistant with a love for writing. She has brown hair that she cuts shoulder length partway through the book. 

~What does your MC value the most?~

Watch as I go cliche here...

She values her family the most. She has a brother, a sister, and her parents. Most of the story pivots around her interaction with her family and how much she values them. 

~What is your MC’s wildest dream? What is your MC’s greatest fear?~

I think at the beginning her wildest dream would be to be a journalist. She loves writing in her journal and she loves commentating on the happenings around her. To share that with others would make her day.

Her greatest fear, I think, is losing her family and friends. They're all she values in life and without them, she feels empty.

~What is your MC’s favorite food? Can they cook?~

She can cook and she does it quite often when she's home, though I wouldn't say she's on the level of a famous chef or anything. Seeing as she's from Detroit, she likes a wide variety of food, but especially a good Coney dog.

~What do you (the writer) have in common with the MC?  What do you not have in common?~

I think that she and I both have a desire to see justice done, but we're not always sure what that means. We stumble and fail, even when we think we're doing what's right.

I think she's a lot more hotheaded than I am. I mean, I don't ever see myself protesting in the middle of a riot. It's just not something I would ever do, but she would.

~What lie does your MC believe about himself/the world?~

She believes that she's justified in what she does by what others do. If she deems them more evil than she is, then she is right to retaliate.

She believes that the days of hope are past. Every day she holds a man's cup of coffee, watching him ruin someone else's life, just wondering when she's next. Every day, as she goes back home, she sees how indifferent her world is to his actions. Justice seems so out of reach, so she stops hoping for it.

~Who is their best friend and why?~

I think the person closest to being her best friend is Vic. Not because they get along super great or anything, but because he legitimately cares about her well-being. He's not afraid to call her out on things and help her through life. And even though she gets annoyed with him a lot, she appreciates him for it. 

~What song best describes them in this book?~

Uh... you know, this is one of the first times where I can't think of any songs. Hang on, let me see if I can find anything.

Maybe Out of Hell by Skillet? Yeah, that's probably the closest I can get.

~What is their personality type?~

After doing the quiz how I believe she would answer, the results say she is an ESTJ (finally, I have an extroverted MC!). While it's not the most accurate test result I've had, it's pretty close. I think the deviants from the personality are due to her environment rather than an incorrect result. 

~Why should your readers care about this person?~

She accurately depicts what it's like to navigate a hard life. She's far from perfect and this story shows that, but I think that her story shows that even failures have hope in the darkness.

Well, there you have it! I'm still diving into Ive's mind and these questions really helped me pin-point a number of things. As always, be sure to check out the participants' posts! I think they've got some awesome things in store!


As far as my week two NaNo update goes, I'm currently at ____ words. I'll see y'all next week!

How's your NaNo experience going? Are you enjoying your story or have you hit a rough patch? Need some encouragement? Hit me up in the comments below!


  1. Oh, she is so much like me! I'm ENTJ, so we're a little different ;) Looks like she's a fun character to write!


    1. That's super cool that she's like you!! She's been a very enjoyable character. I'm having too much fun dashing her to pieces!

  2. Your MC sounds cool! Nano is going ok for me. I'm figuring out some stuff plot wise, so that is kind of slowing me down, but I'm on chapter four do that is exciting! :)

    1. That's awesome! I hope you figure out your plot stuff soon so you can get back on track!!

  3. *googles what a Coney dog is* Well, look at that, just had breakfast and now I'm hungry again.

    It's gonna be cool to see you write an extroverted MC!!! (Though Farlina was pretty close, I think.)

    But hey - nothing wrong with valuing your family!!! I think it's a good thing, and can really motivate people, a lot more than many other things.

    1. LOL!!

      I think it's kind of fun, though parts are weird. Like, I"m writing along and she just walks up to someone and starts talking to them like it's no big deal and I'm like "No wait! What are you doing? It's supposed to be AWKWARD!!"

  4. This story is sounding so cool, and your MC looks great too!


  5. Ooh! Intact (at least -ish) family dynamics! Family dynamics are missing a lot in general, so her value of family is definitely something I see as a positive rather than a cliche. :)

    1. The "ish" is correct. But thanks! I'm enjoying it.

  6. Out of Hell is such a great song :D

  7. Oh my gosh, she sounds amazing! (Also, she likes writing . . . a definite plus. XD)

    1. Thanks! I'm still working on putting that detail in there more, but it is kind of fun.

  8. A perfect rebel :).

    Nano has been going slow for me....I need to develop a few more things before I can get much more writing done.

    1. LOL, she's quite fun to write!

      Ah, fun. I hope things sort out for you!

  9. I love that Ive loves writing! I can't wait to read more about her. <3

    1. Yes! It's super fun!! I can't wait for the next installment to come out!!

  10. I just stumbled across your blog this morning and your MC sounds really neat! <3 <3 <3 And I was excited to see the Skillet song...I'm a big fan and I really love that song!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you're here!

      YAS!! It's a great song! It's always fun to find another Skillet fan.

  11. I was just recently thinking about how much power a personal assistant would have... (especially if the employer was completely incompetent beyond their specialty...) (okay, maybe I was thinking Pepper Potts??)

    OY Billie will fight you if you say valuing family is cliche, Sarah... xP

    (What is a Coney dog, though??)

    And I've heard people mention Skillet before, but I was completely surprised by how much I liked that song?? (not my parents' style, though... xD)
    - Jem Jones


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